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Union of Arab National Olympic Committees & Arab Games:


The idea of establishing the Arab Games was suggested by a member of the IOC, Mr. Ahmed El-Demerdash Touny, he offered this idea to the Secretary General of League of Arab States, who in his turn referred the suggestion to the Board of Directors in a meeting held on 27th of March 1947, but the idea of establishing Arab Games was disapproved. In 1953, Mr. Ahmed El-Demerdash Touny retried and offered the idea by contacting the Arab countries, the idea was accepted by many Arab countries, then approved by the League of Arab States on 9th of April, 1953. The first Arab Games were organized in Alexandria – Egypt, during the period 26 July – 10 August, 1953, with the participation of 8 Arab countries. The League of Arab States afforded half of the financial expenditure for organizing the Games. Besides, it was the first time that the female Arab athletes were allowed to participate in Games. They agreed to organize the Arab Games every 4 years, under the patronage of the Association of Arab Games & the Department of Youth Sport in the League of Arab States, afterwards, the patronage was undertaken by the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees (UANOC). However, organizing the Games faced many financial political & financial problems.