About the Asian Games

Asian Games:


The President of Indian Olympic Committee, Mr. Guru Dutt Sondhi, had offered the idea of establishing the Asian Games, instead of Far Eastern & West Asian Games, which were established between 1913 – 1934. This idea was approved by the Asian delegations in London Olympic Games 1948. The Asian Games Federation was officially formed in 1949, in New Delhi, then the first Asian Games were launched in 1951. Mr. Guru Dutt Sondhi designed the logo of the Asian Games’ flag, which consists of red sun in the middle of a white flag & surrounded by small golden rings, those golden rings represent the member countries.

The Asian Games had faced many difficulties, consequently, after the 9th Asian Games, which were held in New Delhi, the Asian Games Federation was dissolved in December 1982, then replaced by the Olympic Council of Asia, which was established in November 1981, by the Presidency of Sheik. Fahd Ahmed AL-SABAH. The first Asian Games by OCA were held in Seoul city in 1986.

The Asian Games are considered one of the most important sports events, which includes 45 countries & 40 sports.

The OCA’s sports events include the following programs:

  • Summer Games are held every 4 years.
  • Winter Games are held every 4 years.
  • Beach Games are held every 2 years.
  • Indoor Games are held every 4 years.
  • Children Games are held every 4 years