About the Islamic Games

The Islamic Gams:


Although the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation had been established in 1985, but the first Islamic Solidarity Games were organized in 2005, in KSA, where 57 countries participated in the Games. The second Games, which were supposed to be held in Iran in 2009, were stopped due to differences occurred between Gulf countries & Iran, because of putting the motto “The Persian Gulf” on the medals & posters of the Games. The third Games were organized in Indonesia in 2013. The fourth Games are going to be organized in 2017 in Baku – Azerbaijan.

The Islamic Solidarity Games are organized every four years & include the participation of all Islamic countries. The aim of these Games is to strengthen & reinforce the relations between the countries & athletes in the Islamic world without any discrimination, besides unifying their decisions in the International & Continental conferences.

After the Islamic Solidarity Games, there is the Islamic Triathlon Championship, which includes the participation in three sports together (Equestrian, Swimming & Shooting).The championship is organized annually in Qatar, under the auspices of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation. The idea of this championship was established according to the Islamic instructions, which urge the Muslims to practice & teach their kids the three sports (Equestrian, Swimming & Shooting).