ِArbitral Tribunal Sports

Court of Arbitration for Sport


According to the recommendation of IOC for establishing national courts of arbitration for sports issues. It became important to establish such courts. As the mission of these courts is to solve any disputes raise in the field of sport.

Accordingly, Yemen NOC addressed the Ministry of Justice in Yemen for establishing a National Court of Arbitration for Sport. The answer of the Ministry of Justice was that the arbitration system should go through three phases, but this method can’t be applied on sport, which needs a quick arbitration & settlement among the disputing parties in the sport.

Since Yemen NOC didn’t have enough experience to start this project, therefore it was requested from the Arab countries like Algeria & Tunisia who have such courts to provide Yemen NOC with their regulations in the sports arbitration.

After having the regulations of the sports arbitration, a committee was formed, which includes members from Yemen NOC & one legal attorney, they are as follows:

  • Mohammed Al-Ahjeri
  • Ali Al-Sabahi
  • Mohammed AbdulWali
  • Naseem Al-Mulaiki
  • Legal Attorney


When the committee members studied the Algerian & Tunisian regulations & rules in the sports arbitration, they could form their own bylaw. This bylaw was submitted to the Board of Directors of YOC for getting their approval, then submitted to the General Assembly of YOC for authentication, after that, it was referred to the Council of Ministries for issuing a decree and allocating a financial budget for the sports court from the Ministry of Finance.

During the meeting of the Council of Ministries, the Minister of Civil Service suggested to form an Arbitration board within the frame of Ministry of Youth & Sport. Their idea was decreasing the expenses without considering the legal issues and the essence of establishing of such courts.

Yemen NOC refused this suggestion, consequently YOC postponed the project of establishing a National Court of Arbitration for Sport, until the suitable circumstances become available, as Yemen NOC is considered the main and final reference for establishing such court according to the approved system by IOC & the International Court of Arbitration for Sport.