ِِِAnti-Doping Committee

Anti-Doping Committee:


In 2000, YOC signed the Agreement of Anti-Doping in Sport, after that the Ministry of Youth & Sport in Yemen also signed the agreement in 2001.

According to this agreement, YOC formed a committee under the name of “the Medical & Anti-Doing Committee”.

The members of this committee were as follows:

  • Yahya Al-Sheikh as the President
  • Abdul-Kreem Al-Sabri as the Vice-President
  • Nabil Al-Abher as a member
  • Molhem Saif as a member
  • Naseem Al-Mulaiki as the Committee Coordinator

The Committee did its best in raising awareness about the danger of having drugs among the athletes, by means of organizing seminars for sports officials, coaches and athletes, besides holding lectures about the risks of doping on the athletes either in the current time or in the future, also there are seminars about the importance of healthy nutrition for the athletes during the preparation or the competition times.

This Committee was reformed at the end of 2006, to be under the name ” The National Anti-Doping Committee”. The composition of the Committee is as follows:

  • Nabil Al-Abher as the President
  • Nawal Al-Taiyeb as the Secretary General
  • Sabri Salam as a member
  • Khaled Al-Qobati as a member
  • Aziz Al-Maqtari as a member
  • Tharwa Al-Yousefi as the Committee Coordinator

The National Anti-Doping Committee started its plans by:

  • Phrasing its statutes and regulations, which were sent to the Regional Committee for authentication.
  • Designing the logo for the Committee.mm
  • Qualification program: a plan for preparing and qualifying the workers in Anti-Doping, the plan was as follows:
  • Inspectors for Anti-Doping (Doping Control Personnel) : the Committee organized many training courses for inspectors in making doping tests.
  • Assigning coordinators from the National Sports Federations for easy communicating with these Federations, the Committee held training courses for individuals; those individuals were chosen by the National Federations to be the contact persons between the National Anti-Doping Committee and the National Federations.


  • The Means of Raising Awareness:
  • Printing brochures & leaflets
  • Organizing seminars & lectures.
  • The Assistant Sub-Committees: The National Anti-Doping Committee needed Assistant Sub-Committees in the other Governorates & Provinces in Yemen for implementing the program of Anti-Doping efficiently , such as raising awareness & taking blood samples from athletes. For this task, the Sub-Committees have chosen a number of doctors work in laboratories, in the cities of Aden, Taiz, Al-Mukalla and Hodeidah as a first stage.