Olympic Center

The Olympic Center:

The Conception of establishing the Olympic Center was proposed in 1995. Consequently, a building of two storeys was rented for accommodating the participants in the activities and training courses, which are organized by Yemen Olympic Committee. After expanding these activities, Yemen sought for a larger building.

It was proposed to hand over the building of Youth Hostel to the Yemen NOC, in order to run and rehabilitate this facility and utilize it for all sports activities.

This was done in 2001. The building was ready to receive the male & female participants from different governorates.

Since 2001 the Olympic Center works actively, holding all the activities of Yemen NOC.

The building parallels the services of four-star hotels. All the services were praised by all participants, either from Yemen or from abroad.

The Location of the Olympic Center:

The Olympic Center is located in the middle of Al-Thawrah Sports Complex, to the north of Sana’a city, where many sports facilities & buildings are close to the center, like the sports courts & stadiums, sports indoor centers, Faculty of Sport & Physical Education, Sports Medicine center, it is surrounded by green gardens for recreation and enjoyment.

The floors of the Olympic Center:

  • The Basement:

The basement of the Olympic Center consists of :

Weightlifting room, Medical clinic, Library, Fencing room, Hall for Billiards & Table Tennis and Store.

  • First floor (ground floor):

Contains administrative offices, inquiries, meeting hall, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, 11 bedrooms (every bedroom contains 4 beds).

  • Second floor:

Contains a reception with T.V, 11 bedrooms (every bedroom contains 3 beds). There is a big suite with 7 offices, along with a lecturing hall that can accommodate 30 persons.

Nutrition & other Services:

The Olympic Center offers three meals a day for all its lodgers, it receives guests & visitors from other organizations & foundations for holding conferences, seminars, meetings, courses in an allocated big hall for such occasions, which can accommodate more than 100 persons and equipped with audiovisual equipment.

Entertaining Activities:

The Olympic Center has a park for recreation, halls for practicing sports like Table Tennis, Billiards, Chess & weightlifting, and there is a library with cultural books.

It had been 15 years since the opening of the Olympic Center, it is still considered the favorite place for athletes for organizing training courses & for the other organizations for holding seminars, courses & other activities.