Olympic Day


Olympic Day


All over the world, NOCs celebrate annually the memory of800px-SorbonneParis041130 establishing the IOC, which was on 23rd of June, 1894, according to an initiative by its founder & the reviver of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who succeeded in launching the first modern Olympic Games, which had been held in Athens in 1896, where the ancient Olympic Games were usually being organized in the past.

In 1987, Yemen NOC decided to share the world this occasion by organizing the Olympic Day event, and involving different sports & intellectual activities. Run is usually the prominent sport on the Olympic Day, which includes male & female participants in different age categories along with the participation of the disabled. In addition, organizing seminars about the sports movement and the importance of the Olympic Day.

Since launching the event of the Olympic Day in Yemen, many programs were implemented:

The program of the Olympic Day was implemented in the big cities of Yemen like Aden city, Taiz city, Hadhramout city, Al-Mahwit city, along with the capital city (Sana’a), where the number of the participants were more and there was diversity in the events like: football, volleyball, judo, taekwondo & cycling for the disabled, along with the Run for male & female participants in all age categories. Then there were seminars for promoting the Olympic movement.1 (1)

On the last organized Olympic Day, in 2014, the number of the participants reached 800 male & female in all age categories, they competed in football & run race events along with the disabled.

For the Olympic Day, Yemen NOC forms commissions that include experts in arranging & organizing such event & allocates awards for the first three winners in all competitions. This Festival is usually covered in all mass media.