Promising Committee

Promising Athletes Committee:



After the participation of Yemen NOC in Sidney Olympic Games in 2000, our NOC came to a conclusion that our participation level in the Olympic Games would not improve unless there was a long-term plan for preparing the athletes.

After discussing this subject with many Arab & non-Arab Olympic Committees, it appeared that the process of preparing the athletes should be conducted according to a long-term plan, sometimes it reaches 12 years in the developed & advanced countries, it’s run on the basis of accurate scientific program, by sports experts, besides allocating a big financial budget for it, this program is divided into three stages every stage includes 4 years.

But such program was regarded beyond our financial capacity, therefore we established an alternative program, we called it ” Promising Athletes Program” , the target of this program is to train young athletes in a specified age category between 14 – 17 years old. Yemen NOC coordinates with the other National Sports Federations for choosing the distinguished athletes & coaches, then the coaches undertake the process of putting a training plan during the whole year including the internal & external championships, through this program we can guarantee a regular training for the athletes throughout the year.


First Stage:

In 2001 the “Promising Athletes Program” was implemented under the supervision of Yemen NOC & the National Sports Federations that include the Individual Olympic Sports. Yemen NOC allocated a pocket money & transportations for every athlete within this program, besides paying fees for the coaches who supervise the process of training the athletes throughout the year, along with providing the sports uniforms and the medical care.

Within this program, Yemen NOC sent the best athletes to participate in external training camps for enhancing their sports skills.

This program achieved a notable success, in which many athletes achieved good results during their participations on internal & external levels. After this success, Yemen NOC decided to give this program more care, by raising the allocated financial budget & joining more athletes & sports in this program.


Second Stage:

After the success of this experience, a Committee was formed for this program, called  “Promising Athletes Committee”, for following up & supervising the activities of this program, on 20th of November 2006, the Committee included the following members:

  • Noaman Shaher Ali as the President
  • Mohsen Saleh as a member
  • Noora Al-Jerwi as a member
  • Mohmoud Al-kahssa as a member


Then the Committee was re-formed in 2007, the new members are as follows:

  • Noaman Shaher Ali as the President
  • Luai Al-Sabri as the Executor
  • Abdullah Al-Maghrabi as a member


The Committee did its best in implementing the program, by consulting with the technical sports experts, supervising the sports activities on the field & coordinating with Yemen NOC.


Third Stage:

In the beginning of 2011, Yemen went through many political crises, which affected negatively on all aspects of life including the sports activities, especially in the main cities. In 2015, a war was waged against Yemen by the military aggression of KSA with the coalition of other countries, which made the situation of sport in Yemen worse & worse, due to the full destruction that hit the sports buildings & facilities by the airstrikes of the coalition airplanes, which affected negatively on the whole sports movement & activities. At the beginning of the war, all training camps & competitions were stopped along with the Promising Athletes Program. However, Yemen NOC kept paying the financial support for the promising athletes, despite the difficult circumstances. Then the number of athletes decreased, because of the financial lack and the ban on transferring the financial support via the International banks to the local banks in Yemen.

The war is still continuing, since it had been started on 25th of March 2015, which led Yemen NOC to think of an alternative plan for continuing with the program. With the help of the National Federations & sports coaches, Yemen NOC decided to establish training centers for some sports according to the financial capacity.

The process of choosing sports is subject to three required conditions that should be implemented by the National Federations, they are as follows:

  • Providing a suitable number of athletes in a specified age category.
  • Providing qualified coaches for undertaking the process of training the athletes.
  • Providing a training center belong to the relevant National Federation.

Yemen NOC agreed with the National Federations to start this alternative plan in 2017, so we communicated with the National Federations and arranged for meetings with them along with the technical officials, in order to get the required information such as the personal data of the athletes, their sports disciplines, the qualified coaches & the locations of the training centers.