Technical Committee

The Technical Committee:

The Technical Committee is considered one of the standing committees in Yemen NOC, and more involving with the sports teams & athletes in general, its tasks deal with the technical aspects in the Olympic work. The Technical Committee studies the Olympic Programs, which include the International, Continental, Regional & Arab Games, besides the Sports Federations’ programs, which qualify for the Olympic Games, they also prepare for the listed participations within YOC’s annual programs after coordination with the National Federations for reviewing every participation, so that Yemen NOC can specify the sports events, according to their importance and the available financial budget, all these procedures happen before taking the approval of the Board of Directors & the General Assembly.

Before involving in any participation, the T.C. supervises the process of preparing the athletes & the sports teams that are supposed to participate in the International Games & Championships, and make sure of choosing the best of them for the participation, besides, studying the participation reports & evaluate them then submit them to the Board of Directors, in order to take their decision.

The success of these participations depends on the right choice for championships & athletes, as well as the proper preparation, so the success of YOC in the participations depends on such criteria.