Women and Sport Committee

Women & Sport Committee:



Naseem Al-Mulaiki

In 1999, Yemen NOC decided to carry out the recommendations of IOC regarding the sport for women, therefore Yemen NOC asked Mrs. Naseem Al-Mulaiki to start this project by visiting girls’ schools for promoting the sports movement among school girls, as these schools were considered the suitable environment for implementing such project, the visiting included 25 schools in 5 cities such as Sana’a, Aden, Hudeida, Taiz & Ibb.


The plan included the following steps:

  • Many courses were held for the teachers of Physical Education & Sport, in which they could update their information about sport and how to contribute effectively to promote sport.
  • Providing & distributing sports equipment for schools.
  • Raising awareness among the parents of the importance of women sports, by organizing seminars & inviting the government officials in the Ministry of Education & the Ministry of Youth & Sport, along with activists in women’s affairs.
  • Coordinating with the relevant officials in the Ministry of Education for supporting this project.
  • Associating the sports teachers’ activities in schools with the Women & Sport Committee, by organizing seminars & courses for enhancing the sports culture.


This experience achieved big success; it encouraged the girls of schools, teachers and the activists in women’s issues to practice sports.

New sub-committees were formed in 8 governorates for expanding the sports activities & the direct supervision.

This project helped in emerging many women’s leaderships, many of them were chosen as members in YOC’s Board of Directors in 2002, they are as follows:

  • Naseem Al-Mulaiki (the first member in contributing to reviving this project)
  • Naela Nassr Abbas.
  • Khadija Al-Haisami
  • AmatalRazzaq Hommad
  • Bassema Al-Ariqi
  • AmatalRahman Jahhaf


The contribution of those members was effective through participating in the tasks and activities of Yemen NOC as well as in many international meetings and the participation within the sports delegations.

Two of the female members were appointed as Ministers in Yemen government:

  • AmatalRazzaq Hommad: appointed as Minister of Social Affairs.
  • Khadija Al-Haisami : appointed as Minister of Human Rights for 4 years then appointed as President of National Institute for Studies.

This success encouraged the Women & Sport Committee and Yemen NOC to host and organize the Asian Conference about Women’s Sport during the period 18 – 21 May, 2005 in Sana’a City.

This conference drew the attention of Yemen government and the Ministry of Youth & Sport for the importance of sports activity for women.

The conference had recommended of forming sports committee for women’s sport in Yemen, after a short time, the Women & Sport Committee was established officially in July 2005.

Ms. Nazmiyah AbdulSalam Othman was appointed as the President of Women & Sport Committee, and many female members were appointed as presidents of the Sub-committees of Women & Sport in other governorates.

Today the Yemeni woman has got prominent role in Yemen NOC & her activities expanded more & more, we brief them as follows:

First: the women & the positions that they occupied:

  • Women have the quota of 15 seats out of 59 in the General Assembly of YOC, which represents (25%).
  • Women have the quota of 5 seats out of 25 in the Board of Directors of YOC, which represents (20%).
  • Woman occupied the position of the Second Vice-President in Yemen NOC, it means she had 50%, as she carried out most of the President’s tasks and shared him in most of the decisions. Mrs. Naseem Al-Mulaiki had occupied this position during the period 2006 – 2010, then Ms. Nazmiyah

    Nazmiyah AbdulSalam

    AbdulSalam Othman occupied this position during the period 2010 – 2014.

  • Women have got membership in all standing committees, which are affiliated to Yemen NOC:
  • Naela Nassr Abbas in (Technical Committee)
  • Ghada Ateeq & Ms. Afrah Al-Ansi in (Athletes Committee)
  • Luai Al-Sabri in (Promising Athletes Committee)
  • Huda Al-Haidari in (Sport & Environment committee)
  • Nawal Al-Taiyeb in (Anti-Doping Committee)
  • The Presidents of Women & Sport Committee respectivley are: Mrs. Naseem Al-Mulaiki, Bassema Al-Oriqi & Nora Al-Jerwi.
  • The Women & Sport Committee has 12 sub-committees in the other governorates.
  • The existence of women in the Boards of Directors of 12 National Sports Federations out of 25.


Second: The Sports Facilities for women & girls:

  • Women practice sports as training or recreation in public clubs and private clubs.IMG_0849
  • These clubs allocate specified times for women for practicing sports.
  • The girls at schools practice sports in many different levels.

Third: the Local Sports Competitions:

  • The Women & Sport Committee organizes many competitions every year in sports such as: athletics, volleyball, basketball, judo, Table Tennis, Karate, Wushu, along with other sports events.
  • Some of the National Sports Federations organize special competitions for female athletes such as: Tennis Fed., Table Tennis Fed, Shooting Fed., Fencing Fed., Karate Fed., Wushu Fed., Bowling Fed. & Billiards & Snooker Federation.
  • Some schools organize sports competitions for girls.
  • The Ministry of Education organizes championships

for female athletes throughout the Republic of Yemen.

  • The Women & Sport Committee organizes many awareness seminars about the importance of sport for women, these seminars are held in schools, clubs, sports federations, universities & the Ministries that are connected with the activities of women’s sport.


Fourth: The International Participations:

The female athletes in Yemen participated in many Arab, Continental & International championships, they benefited from the experience of other female athletes through the participation in the training camps that were organized in other countries before the participation in the international championships.

However the sports levels of our female athletes are still limited and didn’t reach the requested level in competitions, although there was a big improvement in sports like Shooting, Judo, Athletics & Chess.

15 years have passed since the establishment of women’s sport, but we hope for more progress.